Sunday 2 June 2019

There was a family of Goldcrests in a tree near the bridge, and Ahmet Amerikali got two excellent shots of the young ones ...

... and a young Long-Tailed Tit.

I got less exciting shots of a young Great Tit ...

... and a young Blue Tit waiting for its parent to catch an insect among the leaves.

But I am very sorry to say that the young Blue Tit at the boathouse died this morning. The staff of Bluebird Boats did their best for it, and it seemed to be doing well, but these things are always uncertain.

The Reed Warblers around the Serpentine and the Long Water are singing less, but they are still there and can be glimpsed occasionally. With luck we should see some young ones soon. These are less shy than the adults, and easier to photograph.

Another fine shot by Ahmet, of the young Great Crested Grebe on the Long Water swallowing a fish brought by its father.

The grebes at the west end of the island are now firmly back on their nest on the basket, and have evidently laid some more eggs. They stand a greater chance of success now that there are plenty of small fish in the lake.

The former grebe nest under the willow near the bridge is now permanently occupied by a Moorhen.

The four new Coot chicks in the nest under the balcony of the Dell restaurant climbed around in the nest.

The Coot chicks at the boathouse are now large enough to feed themselves, and were browsing on a stringy green water plant that has grown among the algae.

The single Mute Swan cygnet on the Long Water was diving to eat the algae below the surface, which its mother could eat just by reaching down.

There was one Red-Crested Pochard on the gravel bank in the Long Water, an unusual sight as when these gregarious birds visit they usually arrive in a group.

There are always a few Common Pochards left behind when the main flock migrates away in the spring.

A Common Blue Damselfly perched on a blade of grass near the leaf yard.


  1. I am having trouble playing the vimeo videos today. I am on Opera currently, but the same thing happens in firefox and chrome.

    Very sad news about the poor Blue Tit. Unhappily, it was to be expected. Raising a baby bird is as much a matter of luck as it is of devotion. Countless died on me when I was a child, and it was not for not having given it my all.

    1. It's not your browser. Vimeo is down worldwide at the moment. YouTube and some other video services also went down for a bit but are now recovered. Hope that this is not too frequent an occurrence. All my videos have YouTube versions too, but I don't want to return to low quality video if I can avoid it.


  2. Surprising what a good diver the cygnet is. I don't think I've ever seen a diving swan!