Sunday 9 June 2019

A family of Blackcaps with several fledglings dashed about in a tree near Peter Pan. This is one of the young ones ...

... and this is their mother, in a picture taken by Ahmet Amerkali.

In a nearby tree, a young Great Tit was fed by its mother.

The Greenfinch was singing in its usual place near the Italian Garden. I'm still surprised that this bird is so visible -- mostly they're at the tops of tall trees hidden by leaves.

Two more excellent pictures from Ahmet: a young Blackbird ...

... and a Reed Warbler.

A Grey Heron in the Dell picked up scraps, frustrated by the carp in front of it being too large to catch.

This plane tree near the small boathouses is usually loud with the screeches on Rose-Ringed Parakeets and the chattering of Starlings, but silence fell when a heron decided to use it as a perch.

The Coot on the nest at the Dell restaurant took the opportunity of its chicks being in the water to do a bit of maintenance, but all six of them soon came crowding back.

The mother Greylag Goose on the Serpentine had all her seven goslings around and on her in a huddle.

The Mute Swans' single cygnet on the Long Water is growing up, and now has quite a long neck.

An Emperor dragonfly hunted over the Long Water.

A Common Blue damselfly perched on a grass stem near the leaf yard.

A bramble patch beside the Long Water attracted a constant stream of honeybees.

As I feared, the giant hogweed plant near the bridge that should have been cut down last year has spread its seeds around, and this plant was hanging dangerously over the railings near Peter Pan. Since it can't be touched with bare hands I couldn't do anything about it, and the gardeners were off on Sunday, so all I could do was to fix a warning notice to the railings.


  1. People disregard how dangerous toxic or stinging plants are at their peril. Although I must confess that I ate once several flowers (bells?) from a foxglove (I was quite small) and yet here I am. Kids, don't do this at home.

    How lovely the young Blackcap!

    1. After I had put the notice up next to the plant, warning people not to touch it, a silly young man did just that. He could understand English, too. I told him to wash his hands in the lake at once. Don't know if he did. If he comes out in blisters, serve him right.