Monday 10 June 2019

It was a dark grey day of steady rain. A bedraggled Blackbird was happy enough, as it had found a juicy slug.

A Song Thrush sang a few phrases before flying off to look for something similar.

A Dunnock found a tiny larva on the wet tarmac.

A Chaffinch seemed reasonably cheerful, though he was not singing.

A young Robin sheltered in a bush.

Nothing stops the love life of Feral Pigeons.

A Grey Heron found a puddle interesting, though there can hardly have been any fish in it.

The Coot on the nest at the Dell restaurant sheltered the six chicks from the rain under its wings, and ate the parasites of the two front ones.

Two young Coots on the Long Water, now old enough to feed themselves, were busily eating algae, diving to pick the best bits.

The Coots' nest between two baskets at the island has been in place for months, but they don't seem to have produced anything.

The Serpentine was a panorama of moulting Canada and Greylag Geese.

The Greylag with seven goslings tried to keep them from being chilled by the rain.

The three motherless Mallard ducklings at Peter Pan are doing very well on their own.

A student squelched towards the Royal College of Music with his theorbo.

Fran was in Richmond Park and found a very large grass snake.


  1. Or was the first Coot mainly trying to comb rainwater off the front chicks? Jim

    1. Coots certainly eat parasites off their mates, and I should imagine that all the creatures in that nest are inhabited by fleas and lice.

  2. Love is eating your loved ones' parasites, it seems.

    How adorable, the picture of the gosling taking shelter under their mother's wings.

    1. It combines affection with a tasty snack. What's not to like?

    2. But true, selfless love is vomiting into THEIR mouth. Jim.