Monday 3 June 2019

A new family of Moorhens has appeared from a hidden nest in the fountains of the Italian Garden.

The Coots at the bridge were changing places on their nest, and you could see that they now have seven eggs to replace the ones they lost when the nest was attacked.

A Grey Heron got too close to the nest and the Coot eyed it suspiciously.

The young Great Crested Grebe on the Long Water was by itself at the Vista, practising fishing. The parents are still feeding it but soon it will need all its skill to survive.

The pair of Little Grebes could be seen distantly on the other side of the lake.

The Greylag Geese brought their new family to a fenced area on the edge of the Serpentine where they could graze without danger from dogs.

A very pale Greylag has arrived to moult on the lake.

A young Egyptian Goose sprawled casually on the edge. Its flight feathers are coming through, though it will be some time before it can fly.

The Mute Swan cygnet on the Long Water was following its father. It seems happy to follow either parent, unlike a gosling which sticks to its mother.

The three Mallard ducklings were at Peter Pan, still with no sign of their mother.

A Grey Wagtail hunted insects from the stonework of the Serpentine outflow.

A Starling collected insects and larvae on the edge of the lake before flying off to its nest.

The male Peregrine was on the barracks tower. He has an annoying habit of standing with his back to the outside, while the female usually looks out on to the world.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker perched on a dead branch near Queen's Gate.

A young Great Tit begged for food in a tree near the bridge.

Other flying creatures included President Trump on his way to see the Queen.


  1. There's some wildlife I could do without.

  2. Love to hear the little peeps from the goslings.

    That's the Marine One?! Wow, great catch!

    1. Yes, I'm certain that it was Marine One with the President aboard. Lots of other helicopters first, but of different types.

    2. It's not helicopters I mind.