Sunday 23 June 2019

The Coots nesting on the Mute Swans' island in the Long Water have hatched another brood of chicks, and are now looking after both these and their two older offspring.

The Coot chicks at the Dell restaurant were in a compact heap on the nest, allowing a close-up view.

The Coot in the ill-sited nest at the bridge now has only one egg left, and probably it won't hatch now. The Coot contemplated it sadly. Perhaps gulls took the other two -- a Herring Gull can easily pick up a Coot's egg in its beak.

A pair of Moorhens on the edge of the Serpentine ate each other's fleas.

One of the Great Crested Grebes nesting in the fallen poplar at the far side of the Vista turned over the eggs.

Ahmet Amerikali was at Southwark Park checking on the Little Grebes' nest. They have just hatched a third chick and there are no more eggs left in the nest.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull crouched low in his hunting posture as he tried to creep up on a pigeon. The pigeon looked over its shoulder and flew away hastily.

Two more fine pictures by Ahmet: a Grey Heron in flight ...

... and a female Blackcap.

The young Starlings from the shelter on Buck Hill are now fledged, and chasing their parents around.

The Reed Warblers in the reed bed to the east of the Lido have certainly bred, as a lot of activity could be indistinctly seen.

A young Magpie in the Rose Garden tried to beg, but its parent thought it was old enough to feed itself and pushed it away.

A teenage Magpie was looking very smart in its new feathers on a tree near the bridge.

The Little Owl near the Albert Memorial was in the usual oak tree, but hard to see among the leaves.

A picture by Mario of one of the Grey Wagtails on the Underground track at Notting Hill Station.

It's remarkable how far away they are from the nearest water, which I think is the Round Pond 500 yards away.


  1. Strange about Grey Wagtails. That looks to me like egregious behaviour.

    Poor Coot is looking very sad. Will there be a replacement clutch?

    The Magpie youngster, on the other hand, is looking very snazzy.

    1. I fear that the poor silly Coot will try again once this year on its doomed nest. And probably build there again next year. They never learn.