Thursday 20 June 2019

A young Blackbird dealing rather incompetently with a worm was frightened by an unexpected visitor.

One of the two young Pied Wagtails at the east end of the Serpentine perched on the railings and hunted along the edge of the water. They are now completely independent of their parents.

The young Great Tits are not, and are still chasing their parents through the trees clamouring for food.

Ahmet Amerikali got a picture of a female Whitethroat hiding in the leaves in the Rose Garden.

Feeding the Rose-Ringed Parakeets has become a complete production line.

Steve Barnes of the Parks Police would like to ban the feeding of these birds. I am sympathetic but doubt it could be enforced. It's become a major tourist attraction.

The Little Owl came out on a branch on a rather dull afternoon.

A dramatic picture from Ahmet of a Cormorant catching a huge perch. It couldn't swallow it and had to leave it.

Only the male of the normally inseparable pair of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls at the Lido restaurant was in his usual place. I wonder whether his mate is nesting somewhere.

The male Mute Swan of the Long Water pair was looking after the cygnet.

The Greylag Geese with six goslings saw a family picnicking beside the Serpentine and trotted up to cadge scraps. Human food isn't good for them, but they seem to survive.

Two Reed Warblers were singing in the reed bed by the Diana fountain, but wouldn't come out to be photographed. However, the day lilies in the border are coming out.

Ahmet got a fine picture of a female Emperor dragonfly on an iris leaf in the Italian Garden.

A Meadow Brown butterfly perched on a grass stem near the leaf yard.

There was a solitary little purple-brown mushroom near the Physical Energy statue.


  1. I'd let such lovely and funny visitors take all my lunch, if they wanted it!

    Poor young Blackbird. That was a nasty surprise, on the part of a very rude and mannerless squirrel.

  2. The Greylag goslings got a good share of the sandwiches. They learn bad eating habits almost immediately.