Saturday 9 November 2013

Two Cormorants were brawling over a place on one of the wooden posts by the bridge.

As you can see, the neighbouring posts were unoccupied, and they were just trying to settle a point of precedence. After a good deal of jumping and grunting, the bird on the post stayed put and the attacker had to content itself with the next post along.

At the other end of the bridge, a young Great Crested Grebe rocketed past its sibling under water.

They are doing quite well at catching their own fish now, but their indulgent parents are still sometimes giving in to their clamour to be fed. They will be chased away soon and have to fend for themselves.

The two Tawny Owls are still in the same place in the beech tree. The male was a little more visible than in the past few days, and sleepily opened an eye to stare at me as I crashed about trying to find a good angle.

Surprisingly, the male Little Owl remained out on his favourite branch during a heavy shower, which was just finishing when I took this picture.

Soon afterwards, a brief spell of sunshine brought out the iridescence of a male Tufted Duck's head as it cruised around in one of the ponds in the Italian Gardens. The leaves of an autumn tree reflected in the water set off his bright yellow eye to advantage.

A Carrion Crow eating rowan berries on Buck Hill reached too far and fell out of the tree.

This is one of a family of five who have noticed my daily visits to the tree and stand in the path looking expectantly up until I throw them peanuts, which they catch expertly in their beaks. They clearly enjoy the game, and are beginning to catch nuts in flight.

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  1. I like the idea of the game with the peanuts! Horrid weather for T-birds y'day, but I had a very productive day of PEACE at home.