Wednesday 27 November 2013

A visit to the Tawny Owls' beech tree found them fast asleep and taking no notice of several photographers running around looking for a good angle. This shot of the male was the best I could do.

There are at least half a dozen Nuthatches in the leaf yard and the surrounding trees. Again, they were not doing photographers any favours. But the solitary Coal Tit is now more confident about taking food from people's hands, and waits in the front of the bushes so it it is noticed and fed.

It followed Jim for 200 yards along the edge of the leaf yard, collecting pine nuts and flying away to cache them in cracks in the bark of trees.

A mob of Black-Headed Gulls was whirling around in front of the Peter Pan statue, catching bits of biscuit that a man was throwing up in the air for them.

It is a delight to see how agile these small gulls are.

A larger relative, the pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull, was trotting ominously through the crowd of Feral Pigeons eating crumbs near the Dell restaurant. The pigeons are quite aware of what this creature is up to, and flee as it approaches.

This is actually what the gull wants them to do, since the best chance it has of killing one is to chase several of them out over the water, where it can seize one and drag it down and drown it. However, pigeons are quicker from a standing start than large gulls, and usually escape.

The sun came out briefly just before it set, making golden reflections in the Serpentine as these two Shoveller drakes cruised by.

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  1. and a delight to see the gulls caught so fetchingly in flight!