Sunday 24 November 2013

The Tawny Owls' tree was constantly visited by their fans. As one party left another arrived.

And the owls put on a good show for them.

These must be the most famous owls in the world -- at least after Bubi, the Eagle Owl who roosted in the Helsink national football stadium and famously interrupted a Finland-Belgium match for six minutes by perching on a goalpost and buzzing the players. You can see a video clip of the incident here; the Finnish team have been called the Huuhkajat (Eagle Owls) ever since. But sadly Bubi died in 2011, while our owls are still going strong and have been breeding in the park for a decade.

There was no sign of the Little Owls, who were wisely staying in their cosy tree on this chilly day.

A Song Thrush visited the small rowan tree at the north end of Buck Hill, near the lodge.

There was an unusual sight on the shore of the Serpentine: a Black-Headed Gull which had almost completely grown its black head feathers for the summer breeding season, many months in the future.

This Common Gull a few yards along the shore has grey legs. The leg colour of the species is remarkably variable: ivory, pale straw yellow, pale green and various shades of grey. The very dark morph found in northern Europe has dark grey legs.

The young Pied Wagtail that hunted around the Lido during the summer is still there. Its grey head shows that this is a first-winter bird. Adult females have grey backs and a black head, and males have black backs and a black head.

Update: more pictures from today on Wendy's blog.

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