Saturday 16 November 2013

There were four Teal on the Long Water, a welcome visit after months without an unusual duck. This picture was taken right across the Long Water from Peter Pan.

Aside from that, it was business as usual. The Tawny Owls were in their usual place in the beech tree, and the male woke up when he heard me thrashing about in the brambles to get a good angle on his handsome face.

The male Little Owl was also visible, in a slightly awkward place with his back to the light, but nicely framed by autumn leaves.

Some American visitors who had heard of our famous owls had arrived and had already seen the Tawnies, so it was a relief that he was there to be pointed out. It is quite hard to see a Little Owl in a tree if you don't know their favourite places, since they are very small and wonderfully well camouflaged to look like a bit of bark.

Both Nuthatches in the leaf yard also came down for them, lured by a bribe of pine nuts on the railings. This fine picture was taken yesterday by Andrew Williamson.

Speaking of bribes, a digestive biscuit allowed me to take this close-up picture of one of the family of Carrion Crows who hang around the Italian Garden. Three of them will now take food from my hand -- and, of course, come back for more and more. You can see the biscuit crumbs on its beak.

A Red Crested Pochard at the Serpentine island was having a good scratch.

The drakes are looking their best at that time of year, and that tall ginger crest needs a lot of maintenance to keep it up.


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