Monday 4 November 2013

The female Little Owl made one of her brief appearances today. There was just time for one hasty picture before she fled into her hole in the chestnut tree.

It seems a shame to alarm her by taking photographs, but you never know which of the pair you are going to find, and her mate doesn't mind in the least -- indeed he seems to find people with cameras quite interesting.

The Tawny Owls were also visible on the beech tree next to their nest tree, dozing side by side.

They were not well placed for a picture, but it is pleasing to see them on such intimate terms with each other as the nesting season approaches. When I came back to the tree a couple of hours later, hoping for a better shot, they were in exactly the same positions.

Several Cormorants were cruising idly over the wire baskets trying to seize fish through the mesh, and occasionally succeeding. Here a passing Black-Headed Gull holds its wings in a paraglider position as it tries to drop down and grab the Cormorant's fish.

Needless to say, it did not succeed.

Another Black-Headed Gull had met its end on the shore of the Serpentine. Nothing is wasted in nature, and a Carrion Crow had found the body. Here it asserts its claim loudly as three other crows fly in to try to grab a bite.

The Little Grebe was seen again on the Long Water,though not by me. I think that just one Little Grebe has been here for several months, lurking under the waterside bushes, and is seen only occasionally. If there were more than one, we would hear them calling. They are quite vocal, even in winter.

There was also a Sparrowhawk flying around the edges of both lakes, though I only saw it for a couple of moments with no hope of a picture.

But a Shoveller drake on the Long Water obligingly cruised by when the low sun was at just the right angle to show him at his best.


  1. lovely pic of the shoveller ralph. looks like a mallard drake that has had 'beak augmentation surgery'?!?!
    Mark W2

  2. Cracking shot of the Shoveller. If you google Wino Wendy's Worldlife World, you'll see my blog post from yesterday's visit (I was the woman who looked for the Tawnys with you)