Tuesday, 11 January 2022

It was a horrible dark misty day and you could hardly see, let alone take photographs.

The Little Owl on Buck Hill was making it even harder to get a picture.

The Redwings have finally gone from here, but a flock of Long-Tailed Tits was passing through the trees.

A Goldcrest bustled around in a yew near the bridge ...

... and the reliable Coal Tit came out in the Flower Walk ...

... where the Robin was singing on his personal corkscrew hazel bush.

A Magpie poked about in the sopping wet grass ...

... and a Carrion Crow dunked a peanut in a puddle.

A crow and a young Herring Gull somehow managed to share the remains of one of the pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull's kills.

A pair of Black-Headed Gulls on the edge of a fountain in the Italian Garden moaned and bowed to each other.

The Grey Heron was still on the third nest at the west end of the island.

Another heron was on the Bluebird Boats platform. It stretched down ...

... and caught a small fish.

A Great Crested Grebe was fishing at the island ...

... and a pair of Shovellers were feeding.

Both rabbits were on view beside the Henry Moore sculpture.


  1. The first picture is so atmospheric. I imagine it must be uncomfortable to stand there in the cold mist, but it looks like something out of a painting.

    It's odd how amicably the gull and the crow are sharing the spoils. Perhaps the gull's youth makes it less assertive.

    Lovely shots of the reliable and trustworthy small birds. They will make the foggiest day worthwhile.

    1. I was amazed by the behaviour of the crow and the gull. In fact young gulls are often more aggressive than their elders, and play the usual tricks such as trying to knock others off posts despite their low status.