Friday, 21 January 2022

Three Robins in the Rose Garden looked for worms, perched in the bushes, and sang.

A Grey Wagtail searched for insects in the debris on the shore at the Dell restaurant.

A Magpie bathed in the little stream in the Dell.

On the path, two Carrion Crows were making a squirrel bow down to them. It remained in that attitude until they flew away.

A Wood Pigeon had a drink in the lake.

A Great Tit looked out from yellow stems near the bridge.

A Black-Headed Gull had a brisk wash, yawned and flew off.

The gull on the landing stage is still keeping it clear of all other birds.

One of the teenage Great Crested Grebes had been preening, and did the typical grebe shrug to settle its feathers.

A pair of Coots were messing around at the Serpentine outflow. It looks as if they have started to build yet another doomed nest on top of the weir. Who knows, this year it might actually succeed, as happened last year against all expectations with the Coot nest on the post at Peter Pan.

A Moorhen perched on a nymph's weathered head in the Italian Garden.

Greylag Geese disturbed by a dog flew to the Serpentine ...

... and splashed down.

A squirrel ate hazel catkins.

It seems that the hapless Prince Andrew has been deserted even by his 25 teddy bears, who are living rough in Kensington Gardens.

A welcome bit of colour on a grey day: Julia took this lovely picture of a Kingfisher on the Glamorganshire Canal in the Long Wood nature reserve near Cardiff.


  1. Never will tire of Robins. Robins make the world better.

    What is going on with that squirrel? Playing dead in front of two crows may not be the wisest course of action.

    Are all those 25 teddy bears really Prince Andrew's?!

    1. I don't know what those teddy bears are doing in a tent. Some things will never be explained. But palace tittle-tattle reports that Prince Andrew threw a tantrum when a servant dusted his extensive collection of teddy bears and put them back in the wrong positions. Obviously there is no way of verifying this rumour.