Wednesday, 12 January 2022

After yesterday's dismal weather it was a beautiful day. Here is a picture of sunrise this morning, taken by David Lacey from the Vista.

Ahmet Amerikali managed to get a quick shot of the elusive Cetti's Warbler near the Henry Moore sculpture, where they bred earlier this year.

A Great Tit ...

... and a Coal Tit perched among pretty pink catkins in the Flower Walk.

A fine picture by Ahmet of a Wren singing.

This is one of our regular winter visitors, the Black-Headed Gull with the British ring number EX63684, reflected in a puddle.

Another gull was making a racket in the Rose Garden on top of the goddess Diana's head.

The three Grey Heron nests are still continuously occupied. This is the largest one.

The heron in the middle nest had climbed up to the top of the tree and was preening.

And this is the newest nest at the west end of the island. Are all three pairs going to guard their nests until they start breeding, which may not be for months?

The pair of Moorhens that breed in the Dell every year only managed to raise one young one this year, which remains with the parents. It's in the background, just getting its adult colours but still a bit brown.

A Moorhen preened on the edge of the Serpentine.

An Egyptian Goose splashed down and waterskied to a halt. Again, thanks to Ahmet for this dynamic picture.

A pair of Gadwalls browsed on the algae at the edge. The number of these modestly coloured, quietly behaved ducks in the park is steadily increasing.


  1. Gadwalls and female Mandarins are the best-looking ducks, in my opinion. Unflashy, but elegant and gorgeous.

    Wow, to photograph a Cetti's warbler is quite an achievement! They are as good at hiding as they are at making themselves heard.

    what a splendidly golden sunrise!

    1. I'm very fond of Gadwall drakes, like country gentlemen in tweed suits while the others are gaudily dressed in Lycra.