Saturday 8 January 2022

It was a wet day. Normally you wouldn't expect to see an owl out in the rain because their feathers aren't waterproof, but the Little Owls on Buck Hill can stay dry in the squirrel drey, and the female came right out under the shelter of the leaves.

Redwings are still visiting the rowan trees although there is very little fruit left even on the ground. One was chased off by the resident Mistle Thrush ...

... but only flew a short way ...

... on to another twig.

Blackbirds like rain ...

... because it brings up worms. This is one of the young birds from the family in the Dell.

A Robin in the Flower Walk hid in an evergreen bush, but was still getting wet and bedraggled.

Hundreds of Feral Pigeons sheltered under the cornice of the Serpentine bridge.

A family of Wood Pigeons were finding something to eat in the wet grass on Buck Hill, probably some small weed with tasty leaves but I couldn't see what it was.

A Carrion Crow drank from a puddle.

A Pied Wagtail ran up the edge of the Serpentine.

Two Moorhens stood on their favourite rock in the little stream in the Dell.

Great Crested Grebes are completely waterproof.

The male Mute Swan in the Italian Garden was doing his best to get as wet as possible by washing under a fountain.

A picture from a better day by Mark Williams: a Robin sings in blossom in St James's Park.


  1. Great shot of the pied wagtail - very difficult to get a clear one when they are on the run! :)

    1. But easier than when they're coming the other way, you can never get the head in focus.

  2. Poor Robin looks so miserable, and yet the Blackbird looks completely happy.

    I love all the facial expressions of the Little Owl. She is so expressive.

    1. I think she's saying 'Will you stop pointing that thing at me and go away.'