Friday 14 January 2022

A Dunnock hopped around under the chairs on the Lido restaurant terrace.

It found a tiny larva.

A sunny day brought out plenty of small birds on the corkscrew hazel in the Flower Walk, including two Chaffinches ...

... and a pair of Coal Tits.

A Jay also visited, demanding peanuts.

Neil took a pleasing picture of a Great Tit coming to my hand.

This very tatty Blue Tit is quite shy but will take seeds off the ground.

A Magpie struck a pose on some yellow branches.

The recent mild spell has started some green shoots coming out on the bushes, and a Wood Pigeon in the Rose Garden was taking advantage of them.

A Grey Heron was showing interest in a new nest on the island, a small one at the east end. It will need a lot of work if it's to be used.

A heron was reclining in one of the high nests, invisible from the ground once it had settled down. I am still very sceptical about whether any of these nests are really in use.

Two herons pointedly ignored each other in a tree near the Italian Garden.

A Tufted drake on the Long Water had a brisk wash and preening session.

A female Mallard washed and flapped and then cruised off snapping at things. It may have been some midges flying low over the water -- these insects are often seen even in midwinter.

A view from the bridge of two Mallard drakes resting on the collapsed willow tree.

A pair of Shovellers were also resting in the golden light of a beautiful afternoon ...

... which also lit a fox asleep on the gravel in front of pond dipping platform.

Too often you find lost dolls and stuffed animals which some toddler has thrown out of a pushchair. Sad to say, they are unlikely to be reunited with their owners.


  1. I am so used to seeing Dunnocks in large flocks in the countryside that it always amazes me when I see them on their own in a city setting.

    What happened to that poor tatty Blue Tit?

    1. Dunnocks aren't numerous in the park but they appear in several places. Most of them are shy and stay out of sight in the bushes, so there are probably a lot more than meet the eye.

      Some Blue Tits just are and remain tatty. No idea why.