Sunday 27 December 2020

The wind had died down since last night's storm but there was still enough updraught over the Royal Lancaster hotel to amuse some Carrion Crows.

Jays waited beside the Long Water for their usual peanuts.

Starlings chattered to each other in a bramble patch.

One of the Goldcrests in the leaf yard came out on the yew tree.

So did the Robin that comes to my hand to take food.

The Kingfisher on the Long Water has favoured this perch for several days. Seen from across the lake, it's too far away for a good image.

It preened.

Two Grey Heron nests on the island had a pair in them: the second nest from the top ...

... and a new one, the fifth, being built from scratch at the east end of the island.

A Common Gull had found a muffin, and Black-Headed Gulls chased it hopefully.

Black-Headed Gulls gathered around an air bubbler on the Long Water to pick out anything edible it brought up.

A male Egyptian Goose fondled his partner's neck on top of a sawn-off tree where the pair were standing to claim territory. They couldn't actually mate there -- I think they'd have fallen off.

A Mute Swan preened on the Serpentine.

The Black Swan is still stuck in the net near the Lido. The hole in the net was made for Coots and is too small for it to get through. I've sent a text to Hugh, who will come and rescue it soon.

The Goldeneye is still here.

A pair of Gadwalls at the Vista.


  1. I wonder how did she manage to get herself trapped there. Although she doesn't look very frazzled. For a second I saw visions of an army of devoted Coots working together to enlarge the hole in the net so she can escape.

    Isn't it sad that I am envious of those Crows?

    1. Any reasonable person would envy the crows, who understand the joy of flying.