Sunday 20 December 2020

A pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers were chasing each other around in the leaf yard. Both this still picture ...

... and the video show the male, recognisable by the red patch on the back of his head,.

This Blue Tit beside the Long Water follows me along the path ... 

... asking for one pine nut after another.

This isn't a good video, but the best I could get of a Blackbird in Kensington Road singing directly overhead amid the noise of the passing traffic.

Black-Headed Gulls swirled and hovered to catch food thrown up for them.

A Herring Gull tried to peck open a plastic bottle.

A Coot had found a sun-dried tomato and resisted another's efforts to grab it.

Greylags flew along the Serpentine.

The Goldeneye was still at the east end of the lake.

The remains of a Paper Wasps' nest, probably torn open by Magpies wanting to eat the grubs. This has revealed the tidy layers of galleries.

The alternating mild and cold weather has confused a camellia into flowering near the Albert Memorial.

Sunday is the day for Kendo practice in Kensington Gardens.

Despite the best efforts of the abominable Boris Johnson to crush Christmas, there are still pockets of resistance.

The least of our problems.


  1. OMG, that Robin hairpin!!!! Very glad to see the small army of Father Christmases mounting the resistance.
    Were there many visitors in the park today?

    1. Yes, that is definitely the uniform of the resistance, under the patronage of St Nicholas of Myra.

      The Robin hair ornament looks at home in the bird's nest hairstyle.

      Lots of people in the park today. It was a sunny Sunday. Even the most timid are beginning to ignore the idiotic and ever changing restrictions, and the police are getting tired too and are much less visible.