Friday 25 December 2020

The Black Swan has returned from a long stay on the Round Pond and is now on the Serpentine. As usual she is obsessively following a male Mute Swan. She was doing this on the Round Pond too, and I think it's the same swan and she has followed him down.

An Egyptian Goose enjoying a wash in the Diana memorial fountain was joined by his mate.

The Goldeneye was in his usual place at the east end of the Serpentine.

The Kingfisher was still on the Long Water, here seen across the lake from west to east.

While I was unsuccessfully looking for him in the other direction from Peter Pan, a Herring Gull dived into the water from a considerable height and emerged holding a crayfish. The water is very clear now, and the gull must have seen it at a depth of several feet.

There was also a fox asleep in the trunk of as fallen tree.

A Carrion Crow washed in the Serpentine ...

... and dried and preened his feathers on a branch.

The female Peregrine was on the tower alone, and wasn't joined by her mate. She should be more civil to him.

There were two Chaffinches in a holly tree near the bridge ...

... where a Great Tit appealed for a pine nut ...

... and Neil got a fine picture of a Jay fluffed up and raising its crest.

Ahmet Amerikali found a Nuthatch at the vehicle gate of the leaf yard.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a Robin, this one in the Rose Garden.

A seasonal image caught by Virginia on her phone.


  1. Thank you for your blog
    Happy Christmas

  2. Hope your Christmas is good and the new year better than the old one. Keep up the good work and if things pan out as we hope I may once again get to wander around your patch.

  3. The male Swan seems to tolerate her at least. Perhaps he'll be a friend to her. I suppose mute swans are expressive enough when other swans get on their nerves, so his placidity looks like a promising start.

    Gulls never disappoint. This one is Gannet-like in its precision and its good eye for underwater fishing.

    1. I thought the male Mute Swan was looking a bit harassed at being followed so closely, He raised his wings, apparently in irritation, and at one point made a rapid evasive rush. But he has not turned on her to chase her off, which he could easily do as he is much bigger.

  4. This is a brilliant blog - great photos as usual