Thursday 8 October 2020

Four Carrion Crows on Buck Hill were fighting. All are members of the same family, and this wasn't a serious dispute. But crows do enjoy a good brawl.


A Jackdaw perched on a post at the Vista.

There are several black and white Feral Pigeons in the park that have patterns like Rorschach ink blots on their back, all different.

We've seen and heard this Robin in the Rose Garden before, but it's worth while hearing a bit more of his fine song as he perched on his favourite rose bush.


Several Great Tits came out to be fed at the bridge, as well as a Robin and a Coal Tit that I couldn't photograph while feeding them, as it would have scared them away.

Two Grey Herons live in the Dell, though they seem to have well defined territories and avoid fighting. One was on the edge of the lake against a background of autumn leaves ...

... and the other fishing at the bottom of the waterfall.

A Black-Headed Gull found a large hoverfly larva in the Serpentine.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull wandered through a crowd of pigeons, which kept to what they thought was a safe distance. But sooner or later one gets too casual and ends up as lunch.

The Coot which has been vainly trying to build a nest in the dead willow near the Italian Garden is still at it. Coots just don't know when to give up.

In one of the Italian Garden fountains, a Gadwall had a flap.

A Shoveller drake cruised past the Vista.

A Tufted drake turned upside down in the water to preen his shining white belly.


There are still plenty of Common Wasps on the ivy at the back of the Lido.


  1. Why would they persist in nest-building if they are done breeding for the season? I guess Coots need a hobby.

    So thankful for the video of the singing Robin. A breath of air and beauty and happiness.

    1. Coots are obsessional but that particular Coot is beyond obsession into complete madness. It has been trying to make twigs and bits of reed stick on a smooth sunken branch where there is nothing for them to catch on, and it's been doing exactly this since early spring. It doesn't seem to have a mate.