Wednesday 7 October 2020

A Grey Heron in a plane tree saw one of the people who feed herons passing below.

It came down and was joined by another heron, and each tried to be the first to snatch the food.

A Cormorant sprawled on a post by the island.

A young Black-Headed Gull played with a leaf.

A Moorhen held on tight in the small waterfall in the Dell. They never lose their footing.

The pair of Gadwalls on the Long Water came up into one of the fountain pools in the Italian Garden.

A Shoveller drake preened at the Vista.

At the Dell, a Long-Tailed Tit paused for a moment in a dead tree.

Overhead, a Coal Tit examined a spider's web to see if there were any insects in it.

A Carrion Crow found a bit of bread and ran off to eat it in a quiet place.

A Jackdaw on a bench appealed for a peanut.

A Magpie on a stump near the bridge was also expecting one. I photographed the large crop of Honey Fungus here a couple of days ago.

A Robin in the Rose Garden frantically scolded a Magpie from the safety of a bush.

A Buff-Tailed Bumblebee gave a pink rose a thorough going over. Bees like simple single roses, and usually ignore the fancy complicated kind beloved by gardeners.

It got so excited that at one point it fell over backwards and had to reach out a foot to steady itself.

A small ichneumonid wasp climbed over a leaf. I think it's either Apechthis compunctor or Pimpla rufipes, species in which males are very similar.

A hoverfly, Eristalis arbustorum, waited for a Honeybee to finish with a Michaelmas daisy so that it could have a go.


  1. Who could resist the charm of those appealing silver eyes?

    Poor Robin sounds very alarmed. I have no doubt it'd let fly at the offending Magpie if only its size were as big as its courage.

    I swear I have to rub my eyes in disbelief whenever I see how tame your Herons are.

    1. I may have mentioned this already, but there is a man who comes to the park and hand-feeds the herons with canned sardines, which he gives to them with chopsticks.