Friday 30 October 2020

A Great Spotted Woodpecker called from a tree near the Italian Garden.

A Starling at the Lido restaurant, waiting to grab scraps, attended to its feathers. Starlings do everything with great speed and energy.

Another stare from a Long-Tailed Tit.

The Feral Pigeons have now realised that there is grass seed to be had under the Henry Moore sculpture.

Someone had dumped some cooked rice on the edge of the Serpentine for the pigeons to eat. The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull hung around, hoping that a pigeon would be too busy feeding to see him coming ...

... but then a Carrion Crow barged in and pushed the pigeons away.

Another crow intercepted a bit of bread that someone was trying to feed to a pair of Mallards in the Dell pool.

A Moorhen washed and preened in the stream below the waterfall.

A Cormorant washed furiously at the island.

A small fish saw its last daylight near the Italian Garden.

A Tufted drake balanced on the chain near the bridge.

A feeding frenzy caused by someone throwing bread at the Mute Swans.

The restless Black Swan is back on the Round Pond.

Bright yellow Sulphur Tuft mushrooms have started to come up on the prolific patch of wood chips near the Physical Energy statue.


  1. Perhaps the Black Swan is safest on the Round Pond

  2. Was she on her own? Was she following anyone around?

    A swan feeding frenzy ought to merit its own terror movie. Instead of "Jaws", "Beaks". "Wings strong enough to break your arm" is perhaps too long for a title.

    1. The Black Swan seemed to be on her own. I think she's left her current crush on the Serpentine. But who knows that confrontation jolted her into flying away?

  3. The great spotted woodpecker has been feeding from my birdfeeder at the back of Caroline House opposite entrance to Kensington Gardens

    1. If that's near the Italian Garden it would be the same one. But there are several pairs in the park.