Thursday 29 October 2020

A day of steady drizzle. A Carrion Crow stood in a puddle.

A Jay wandered through long wet grass, not a surface that any corvids like but there's always the chance of a worm.

One of the Peregrines was back on the barracks tower. In wet or windy weather they seem to prefer this place to their other daytime station, the Metropole Hilton hotel in the Edgware Road.

The ground under the Henry Moore sculpture has just been sown with grass seed, something that normally attracts a mob of Feral Pigeons to eat the seed. But so far only one seemed to have discovered it.

A Wood Pigeon devoured holly berries at a great rate.

A flock of Long-Tailed Tits moved along the edge of the Long Water ...

... taking with them a Goldcrest, which found an insect larva on a twig.

A young Herring Gull ate a fish -- which looked to have died of natural causes some time ago -- but was constantly harassed by Carrion Crows trying to grab it.

Another played with a dead leaf, one of their favourite toys.

A Black-Headed Gull stared intently from the scaffolding in the Italian Garden.

A Grey Heron fished beside the platform at Bluebird Boats. Fish lurk in the shadows, but if one puts its head out for a moment it is instantly grabbed.

Egyptian Geese roost on the pedalos at night, producing a major problem for the staff who have to blast off the mess with a high-pressure hose.

Two young Mute Swans were making their first attempts at flying, so far without much success.

A Shoveller cruised past the waterfront at Peter Pan.


  1. Poor young, inexperienced swans. How ignominious.

    The two Long Tailed Tits look as if they were talking to each other. I wonder what they'd talk about.

    Excellent and patient gentlemen, the fine people from Bluebird boats.

    1. I'm sure that whatever the Long-Tailed Tits are talking about, it's more intelligent than most of the conversations I accidentally record when shooting video, and have to edit out.