Friday 27 December 2019

On another dark grey day, unexpectedly one of the Little Owls near the Henry Moore sculpture came out. I think this is the female of the pair, but it's hard to tell when they're fluffed up against the cold.

And as it was beginning to get dark the male owl near the Albert Memorial came out, waiting for the people to go away so he could start hunting.

There was also a Peregrine looking down from the barracks tower.

Another of the Grey Heron nests on the island was occupied. The pair in this nest produced at least one chick in the summer, but it didn't survive.

Three Cormorants stood on the Mute Swans' nesting island in the Long Water.

A Coot has built a nest in the reeds under the parapet of the Italian Garden. It's a full size nest and has taken a lot of work, but surely they aren't serious about breeding yet.

A handful of sunflower hearts thrown into the water attracted a crowd of Tufted Ducks. The seeds sink, so a diving duck is well placed to collect them.

A Pochard drake cruised past the Vista.

A pair of Jackdaws on the Henry Moore exchanged glances as a pair of Egyptian Geese went through their loud display.

At first sight it looked is if this Carrion Crow was building a nest in a tree near the Dell. But the nest is made of dead leaves, not twigs, and in fact it's a Grey Squirrels' drey, a winter shelter. The crow was picking it to pieces to look for insects.

A crow bathed in the Serpentine ...

... and strode ashore to dry itself.

A Wren chattered on a twig beside the Long Water.

I had just filled the bird feeder in the Rose Garden when a Chaffinch came out to pick up spilt seeds. This is his winter plumage, but he's still quite colourful.


  1. One can almost hear what the Jackdaws are thinking.

    Dunno. That Coot nest looks like Serious Business. Details such as icy winter weather are paltry obstacles for a Coot's stubborn bid to bend reality to its will.

    Isn't the Little Owl looking adorable, all fluffed up!

    1. That Coot nest is the most serious one I've seen since the summer. But I can't recall ever seeing one being built at this time of year.