Monday 9 December 2019

A young Herring Gull watched two adults dancing to bring up worms. A few minutes later it had learnt the worm dance and was trying it out.

Two Black-Headed Gulls that have been returning to the lake every winter for years: T4UN from Poland ...

... and 28P1, less exotically from the Pitsea landfill site in Essex.

The north edge of Kensington Gardens is bordered by a hedge screening out the busy traffic on the Bayswater Road. It's a rather neglected part of the park, which is just what Blackbirds like, and many of them live in the hedge.

A Carrion Crow dunked a bit of Arabic flatbread in a puddle and delicately picked soggy pieces off it.

A Jackdaw perched on a high branch waiting to fly down for a proffered peanut.

A Blue Tit at the bridge was also looking expectant.

A Long-Tailed Tit looked for insects in leaf buds.

Cormorants perched on the posts that originally supported the nesting island for Mute Swans, destroyed by its own occupants.

A young swan on the Serpentine enjoyed a vigorous wash. This is one of birds that was rescued by the Swan Sanctuary after it had been injured by a dog, and has now been returned to the park.

However, four of the returned teenagers found the resident swans on the Serpentine too tough for them, and have retreated to the calm of the Round Pond. You can also see the Black Swan hurrying over to the group that are being fed. (And no, the Round Pond isn't particularly round.)

Tom was at Titchwell Marsh, where he got a fine picture of a Sanderling ...

... and video of a Turnstone. It's turning over sticks here, but you can see how it got its name.

Every now and then bands of young men in fancy dress roam around the park. These were captured by Ahmet Amerikali. You can see why proper superheroes sensibly wear their underpants outside their tights.

One of them, wearing a duck mask and feet, lost his footing and one of his feet in the Italian Garden. The real ducks were not amused.


  1. **don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh**
    Sorry, couln't help myself. I feel sorry for the guy, but the situation is ridiculous. Ducks ought to be tut-tutting.

    1. The water in the fountains is recirculated through a refrigerator to keep down algae. He will have been a very chilly wannabe duck.