Monday 23 December 2019

A sunny morning started a Song Thrush singing tentatively in the Flower Walk, but it only tried a few quiet phrases before stopping.

The big feeder in the leaf yard has been filled up, which happens only very irregularly when the park management remembers. It attracted two Coal Tits. Here is one waiting in the nearby yew tree for a pause in the arrivals of larger birds.

A Blue Tit preferred to come to my hand for a pine nut.

A Wren perched on a branch near the bridge.

A Pied Wagtail worked over the roofs of both small boathouses, looking for insects in the crevices.

The Starlings' holes in the two small plane trees here have been almost entirely taken over by invasive Rose-Ringed Parakeets.

A Starling shone in the sunlight on the railings of the Lido restaurant.

This is one of Tom's speciality of ground-level shots, making a Robin look tall and imposing.

The male Little Owl near the Henry Moore sculpture came out on a branch.

The rain-soaked park is by no means dried up. Some Feral Pigeons took advantage of a large puddle.

A Young Herring Gull diving to find playthings in the Serpentine came over to scare a Coot, but the Coot got the last laugh.

The Polish Black-Headed Gull with plastic ring T8YT was in a crowd of other gulls near the bridge. It's the younger of our two Polish visitors, only 18 months old and first seen last year.

Two Mute Swans flew up the Serpentine.


  1. Evocative shot of the 2 Mute Swans in flight. It looks a more rural setting than it is!

    1. Just some trees beside the Serpentine. You can only photograph flying birds looking upwards, in a level shot there's always some ugly manmade thing in the background.

  2. One must be something of a violent egomaniac to make a large gull back down. Business as usual for a Coot, though! I do wonder what possessed the young gull to make such a beeline for a known belligerent, a Coot.

    I love the video of the Song Thrush singing to itself quietly. The year is starting to turn, and soon there will be light rather than darkness.

    I don't think I thank you enough or as often as I should about the daily small bird pictures. Small birds make the world go round.

    1. Small birds and reasonably frequent owls are necessary to maintain sanity in a mad world.