Tuesday 3 December 2019

As I came into the park, some Long-Tailed Tits were investigating a bush. There was time for just one picture, which by chance showed one taking off from a twig.

Two Little Owls were visible again today, the male near the Henry Moore sculpture ...

... and the female in the oak near the Albert Memorial.

A Jay raised its crest.

A Wren climbed a tree in the Rose Garden ...

... while a Robin stayed on the ground.

Although most of the Chaffinches near the bridge have gone away, there are still a couple.

A Blackbird poked about under a yew, looking for insects in the leaf litter.

Grey Herons like to perch in weeping willow trees, and can often be seen in these around the Serpentine.

This is the Red-Crested Pochard drake that is a long-term resident in the Italian Garden fountains and has a Mallard mate. It was time to look after those fine feathers.

A pair of Shovellers revolved at the Vista.

As the sun was setting over the Round Pond,  Black-Headed Gulls hovered and screamed as someone held up food for them.

The Black Swan came to the edge in the fading light, hoping for a share. It's getting used to park life and being fed.


  1. That is a good way to say goodbye to the light of the day. Lovely clip.

    That picture of the Long-Tailed Tit on the wing is MARVELLOUS!

    I hope you will make the acquaintance of the Black Swan. It looks more skittish than our dearly departed Black Swan, but I do hope it will grow as fond of you as the other bird was.

    1. The Black Swan may leave at any moment as mysteriously as it arrived. The Round Pond is a much more transient place than the main lake.