Monday 2 December 2019

A frosty start to a sunny day. A Jackdaw was fluffed up against the cold, making it look as if it was wearing plus fours.

The male Little Owl near the Henry Moore sculpture was out making the most of the sunshine.

So was the owl near the Albert Memorial.

A pair of Jays stared down as I was photographing this owl, waiting to be given peanuts.

There were a few Redwings at each end of the bridge.

A flock of Long-Tailed Tits went by.

A Starling stared intently from the railings of the Lido restaurant.

The pigeon-killing Lesser Black-Backed Gull was staring even harder at a group of pigeons bathing in the Serpentine. They noticed, and fled before he could run at them.

Another Lesser Black-Back was eating a pigeon, but I had seen the corpse earlier and seen that it had the marks of having been killed and partly eaten by a Sparrowhawk.

A pair of Mute Swans preening on the island ignored a pair of Egyptians displaying noisily behind them.

The Black Swan on the Round Pond always manages to be at the front when people are feeding the waterfowl.

Joan Chatterley sent a fine picture of the young Black Swan in St James's Park, now almost fully grown, with a parent.

A Shoveller drake revolved at the Vista, filtering tiny creatures out of the water brought up by his own wake.

A horse chestnut tree near the Round Pond has a fine crop of Oyster mushrooms.


  1. I should not watch Shovellers revolve at this late hour. I am getting dizzy!

    Wonderful picture of the young Black Swan, recently grown into its lovely black ruffles. I wonder if the Black Swan on the Round Pound manages to position itself on the forefront out of cunning, or brute force.

    The flapping Mute Swan appears to be saying to the noisy Egyptians: "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

    1. I was surprised to see the Black Swan almost fully black before it has reached full size, when Mute Swans don't go white till their second year. It looks as if its wings aren't fully developed yet.

      The Black Swan on the Round Pond seems to creep through the other swans by virtue of being smaller. It did give one of the others a mild peck when it was barged out of the way, but there is no real aggression.