Monday 18 November 2019

Usually Dunnocks lurk shyly under bushes, but this one had come out on to the terrace of the Lido restaurant to pick up grit, and was wandering around unconcernedly as people walked past.

The Grey Herons in the park have lost all fear of humans, and get on with their quarrelsome life as if no one were watching.

A returning Redwing was eating berries in a holly tree near the bridge. Eventually it flew on to the branch of another tree where it could be photographed.

Update: Rudraksha Chodankar got this excellent shot of the Redwing while it was still in the holly.

Both the Coal Tits were in the holly, and came out to be fed.

A Jay waited on top of the dead tree across the path ...

... and a pair of Carrion Crows looked expectant on the railings.

A Jackdaw chose a gaudy background in the red oak near the leaf yard.

A more tasteful autumn view of a Blue Tit by Mark Williams.

The Black Swan on the Round Pond was ruffled by the breeze.

A Great Crested Grebe fished under the willow next to the bridge.

The long promised renovation of the island seems to be going ahead, and workmen were building a pontoon causeway across from the shore. Let's hope that the works scare the waterfowl right off the island, since the place is now exposed to foxes. But the island really does need maintenance, as it has got very run down and the birch trees are dying and falling into the lake.

Tom was at Rainham Marshes, where he got a fine shot of a Short-Eared Owl flying ...

... and a spectacular sunset.


  1. Enjoyed the Heron video plus a fine shot by Tom of the Short-eared Owl.

  2. The herons are now just standing on the path so that you have to walk round them, like swans.

    1. That's mind-boglingly amazing. Truly. Ours make themselves scarce if you so much as get within 200 metres near them.

      Could there be a lovelier Chrstimas card than the Coal Tit looking all pretty and hopeful by the holly tree?

    2. Perhaps a tiny Coal Tit would be more appropriate than a Robin for a very small and private celebration of Christmas.