Sunday 3 November 2019

The male Little Owl from the lime tree near the Henry Moore sculpture was calling from another lime tree in the middle of Buck Hill. He wanders much more widely than his mate and may be anywhere on the hill.

A Carrion Crow bathed in the Serpentine ...

... and came ashore to have a good scratch.

A Jay beside the Long Water stared impatiently.

I tried to get pictures of small birds perching in the bush with pretty pink leaves near the bridge. But they don't like it much, as the twigs are soft and floppy, and prefer to go in front of it, like this Coal Tit ...

... or under it, like this Great Tit.

Ahmet Amerikali got a picture of a Wren on the other side of the path.

A top view of the fallen block in front of the statue of Peter Pan, where Feral Pigeons gather to bathe and socialise.

The Grey Heron in the Dell didn't find any fish ...

... so it flew up to the little pool at the top of the waterfall. There are no fish here. The pool is not a natural feature, and the water is pumped up from the bottom to make the waterfall look more impressive. The heron comes to hunt for rats in the surrounding shrubs.

A video by Tom of the heron at the Lido resturant having a better day than when I last photographed it. I'm sure it will be back when the resturant reopens.

The youngest Great Crested Grebe chicks on the Long Water were under a willow in the morning sunshine.

Ahmet got a dramatic shot of one of them just after taking a fish from its parent.

This unusual photograph was taken by Michael Harris, who was having a morning swim in the Serpentine with a waterproof camera when a Mute Swan came down almost on top of him. There's no zoom here, it's a full-frame picture taken with a focal length of 25mm.


  1. I wonder what it would be like to be landed on by a full-grown swan.

    The pictures of the Coal Tit and the Great Tit are extremely pretty!

    1. I think you'd be knocked cold, and drown.

    2. Well. A glamourous way to go, all in all.

    3. Gustav Kobbé, the author of The Complete Opera Book, was killed by a seaplane landing on him.