Friday 29 November 2019

It was a beautiful sunny day but very little was happening.  A courting pair of Black-Headed Gulls moaned affectionately and strutted about on the edge of the Serpentine.

Another perched ornamentally on an orange buoy in the Round Pond. These buoys are markers for the Sunday model yacht races.

The Black Swan is still here, living harmoniously with the Mute Swans. It couldn't be more different in character from the Black Swan we had before, which constantly attacked the other swans.

A Cormorant on a post at Peter Pan scratched its chin.

A Blue Tit probed the rotten wood of the dead tree near the bridge, looking for insects. This tree also provides a nesting place for them under a flake of loose bark.

Both Coal Tits came down to take pine nuts.

It was chilly in the shade, and a Robin was fluffed up to the max.

But the sunlight was warm enough for a Feral Pigeon to sunbathe in some fallen leaves.

A Blackbird checked leaves for insects hiding underneath.

Two Starlings enjoyed a splashy bath on the edge of the Serpentine.

A Jay stared down from a tree beside the Long Water, hoping for a peanut ...

... which it deftly shelled. They have had lots of practice and can do it in a few seconds.

A Jackdaw was content to perch with a hopeful look. They know I will feed them.

Yet another mushroom on the patch of wood chips in the plane tree avenue near Physical Energy. I don't think it's another Stubble Rosegill. The cap was about 4 inches across.


  1. Yup. That's the look of a bird that knows it has a human in its pocket. I wish I could get a bird to look at me like that!

    Gulls' courtship is always so funny. They look half silly, half adorable.

    1. The world is ruled by crows and their relatives. They just aren't telling us.