Tuesday 5 November 2019

The female Little Owl in the oak tree near the Albert Memorial was visible but being difficult. First she hid in the leaves ...

... and then she moved to a place where you could only photograph her looking vertically upwards, a most uncomfortable thing to do with a big heavy camera.

There's a family of Chaffinches in the bushes at the northwest corner of the bridge. We tempted them out with birdseed and pink suet pellets.

A confident Robin on the railings beside the path ignored the people walking past. It had a little preen and then flew down to look for food.

A pleasing picture by Mark Williams of a Blue Tit taking a pine nut from his hand.

Both Peregrines were on the barracks tower, but only the female was properly visible. The male was facing away and all you could see was the tip of his tail.

More Common Gulls have arrived. There were two on the Serpentine, one in its second winter ...

... and three together on the posts at Peter Pan.

A Black-Headed Gull played with a bit of a cable tie ...

... and another one was trying to swallow a large piece of bread which someone had unwisely given it.

Two of the teenage Great Crested Grebes from the island were fishing together at the boat platform. A fine picture by Ahmet Amerikali.

One of them dived in a very inelegant and splashy way.

The hopeless pair of Egyptian Geese preened in a forest of urns in the Italian Garden.

Below them, the Red-Crested Pochard followed two female Mallards.

Another splendid picture by Ahmet of a Tufted Duck about to touch down.


  1. It was great meeting up with you today Ralph and thanks a lot for sharing all the information and letting me tag along. You have a lot of knowledge about the park. Hope to bump into you more times in coming months :-)

  2. Ooooh my Goodness, the lovely Robin! It would lighten the dullest darkest day.

    The female Little Owl can be excused if she wa being difficult: she is so pretty everything is forgiven.

    1. It's always very cheering to see a Robin. I put some pine nuts and sunflower seeds on the railings as a modelling fee.