Monday 31 December 2018

There are more premature signs of spring. A Great Tit was singing, and another perched on some hazel catkins near the leaf yard.

A Goldcrest was also singing in the Dell.

A Cormorant on the Long Water was getting the white patches and white-speckled head of its breeding plumage.

There is still a little fallen fruit under the rowan tree on Buck Hill, and a Redwing got two berries at once.

But mostly it was back to the usual diet of worms (as Martin Luther said, 'So help me God, I can take no other course').

A Blackbird found a worm in the Rose Garden. You can hear the noise of the Winter Wasteland in the background, which fortunately will be closing soon.

This Blackbird was waiting under the feeder in the Rose Garden for its daily present of sultanas.

The Wren that I videoed yesterday was in exactly the same place, still picking up invisible tiny creatures.

You seldom see what Long-Tailed Tits are catching either.

A Blue Tit had found a substantial larva.

A Coal Tit waited for a turn on the feeder.

A Carrion Crow posed regally on the crown above the relief of Queen Victoria in the Italian Garden.

The Little Owl at the Queen's Temple was sulking at the bottom of her hole, and wouldn't come out for a better picture.

A Wood Pigeon bathed at the top of the waterfall in the Dell. It's a popular bathing place for many birds. They seem to like the feeling of the fast flowing water.

A Tufted Duck preened beside the Serpentine.

The small aluminium plate marking the deodar in the Dell is covered with scratches. This is because a squirrel is sharpening its teeth on it.

May all readers have a very happy and successful New Year.


  1. "Diet of worms". I nearly choked on my coffee with laughter.

    Happy New Year to all!

  2. Thank you for another year of interesting posts.

  3. A happy and saner new year to all! There's hoping.
    And spare a thought to all the animals frightened out of their wits by the fireworks tonight.

  4. Thank you for another year of interesting, entertaining and informative posts. May 2019 be as good to you as you are to us.