Friday 21 December 2018

The stiff breeze allowed Black-Headed Gulls to hover over the hand of someone holding up food.

Another gull had found a bit of pizza, and dunked it in a puddle.

The Diana fountain was almost deserted, allowing geese and gulls in to wash and drink.

The young Grey Heron in the Dell was fishing busily. It didn't catch anything while I was there, but usually you need the patience of a heron to get a picture of it catching a fish.

On the island, a heron stood in a position to reduce its wind resistance as its nest tree swayed in the breeze.

A pair of Gadwalls dabbled at the edge of the water near Peter Pan.

Mute Swans inspected a pushchair that had fallen into the Serpentine.

It looks rather as if a small aircraft had crashed into the lake. This is not a coincidence: the original eight-wheeled folding pushchair was designed by Owen Maclaren, who had previously designed the undercarriage of the Spitfire, a tricky bit of engineering because of the aircraft's very thin wings.

The rowan tree at the north end of Buck Hill had a Redwing ...

... and a Blackbird in it eating the fruit.

A Chaffinch foraged in the Rose Garden.

The bold Nuthatch came out of the leaf yard to be fed.

The Coal Tit near the bridge was also waiting for a pine nut.

A flock of about 30 Blue Tits passed through the Dell, and there was just time to grab a hasty picture of one of them.

Underneath them, a Great Tit posed grandly in a corkscrew hazel bush, which is already putting out catkins and leaf buds.


  1. That Great Tit would much prefer to be a bird of prey, given its attitude.

    The hovering gulls look as if they were out at sea.

    The bathing Goode is so funny! I found myself saying "hup!" everytime it turned over.

    1. Swans turn upside down too, a remarkable sight.