Tuesday 1 January 2019

Song Thrushes sometime sing on sunny days in midwinter. New Year's Day was fairly bright and not cold. This thrush in the Dell was just singing softly to itself.

There were two Song Thrushes in the Flower Walk. This one sang quietly in a bush.

The other Song Thrush in the Flower Walk was singing at full volume.

A male Chaffinch in the Rose Garden paused before coming to the feeder.

The usual female Chaffinch appeared in the leaf yard.

A small flock of Goldfinches passed through the treetops beside the Long Water.

There is a colony of Wrens in the Dell and on the other side of the upper path. This one paused on the railings of the Dell restaurant for just long enough for one photograph.

Later a Wren, probably a different one, walked across the top of the Dell waterfall.

A Robin perched in a bush lower down the slope.

A Magpie bathed in the small waterfall at the bottom.

The Little Owl at the Queen's Temple was at the front of her hole all day, waiting for the park to close so that she could go hunting.

One of the Peregrines was on the barracks tower.

Whenever I pass the lower Grey Heron nest, one of the birds is poking around in the bottom.

They are also bringing twigs, as a lot of the nest has fallen down since it was last used and it needs building up again.

The small Black-Headed Gulls balance easily on the plastic buoys surrounding the Lido swimming area. Slightly bigger Common Gulls can tip them over and fall off if they aren't careful. Large Herring Gulls struggle to stay on top. They clearly enjoy the balancing game.

This is the Great Crested Grebe that was rescued from the Dell, healthy and fishing busily but alone, while all the other grebes are in pairs. But more grebes will fly in quite soon, and it should find a mate.

A few small, frail mushrooms had come up between the Queen's Temple and the Albert Memorial. My best guess -- not a reliable one -- is that they are Yellow Fieldcaps, which fade rapidly during the course of the day.

Update: No, they aren't, because they were still there a day later. Yellow Fieldcaps would have withered in this time.


  1. That Herring Gull is so funny it almost hurts! I never thought I'd catch a gull looking inelegant, but here we are. On the other hand, the Herring Gull would make an excellent participant in Ninja Warrior.

    Lovely way to start the year, to be received but the cheery bright song of Song Thrushes. I love it when birds sing to themselves. It's as if we became part of a secret.

    1. It was remarkable. Not a sight or sound of a Song Thrush for months, and then three at once.