Wednesday 26 December 2018

The fruit was rapidly disappearing from the rowan tree on Buck Hill as several Blackbirds constantly flew in to eat it.

A few Redwings helped to finish it.

A Blue Tit visited the tree, probably looking mainly for larvae, but settled for a withered fruit.

A Jay collected a peanut and flew up to a secluded branch to eat it in privacy.

A Green Woodpecker flew up into a tree near the Queen's Temple.

 A pair of Rose-Ringed Parakeets examined a possible nest hole in a plane tree. Many birds are starting much too early. A spell of cold weather is needed to reset their timing before they waste any further effort.

All three Grey Heron nests are also on the go. The pair from the upper nest perched side by side at the top of the tree.

A pair of Egyptian Geese had a loud display on the stonework at the outflow of the Serpentine. But Egyptians breed at crazy times anyway.

The Peregrines were both on the barracks tower, as usual taking little notice of each other. They are not cosy birds.

A Herring Gull on the island picked up a beakful of dead leaves ...

... and carefully selected a feather from it ...

... then decided that this wasn't an interesting toy and played with a twig instead.

A few bits of bread thrown in the air produced wild excitement from the Black-Headed Gulls.

Whatever fish this Cormorant has caught, it isn't a perch. These have to be turned round to swallow head first because of the spiky dorsal fin. Any other fish goes down straight away and you have to be quick to get a picture.

A Shoveller ...

... and a Pochard brightened up a grey day.


  1. So good to meet you today, Ralph! We thoroughly enjoyed your tour of the park and appreciate all of the knowledge you had to share with us. Thank you again and happy birding!

    ~ Becca Engdahl and Alex Burchard

    1. Good to meet you, and I'm always happy to show people around the park. Hope you soon find the birds we missed today.

  2. It almost looks as if the Gull was taking a page from the Bower Bird and its eye for home decor, but Gulls are wise and would rather use the materials for the much more serious purpose of playing.

    1. Gulls are quite fussy about their toys. They like things that roll or can be waved around, or ropes to pull. I should go through my pictures and make a compilation to publish on a dull day.