Tuesday 25 December 2018

The rescued Great Crested Grebe was in the middle of the Serpentine, fishing busily.

We've already had a video of this pair of grebes dancing. Today they were trying to build a nest against a wire basket, and not making much headway in getting it to stick ...

... so they had another little dance to keep their enthusiasm going.

The park was crowded with families having a Christmas stroll, but many of the regular birds could be seen. The Little Owl at the leaf yard was at the front of her hole, though there was no sunlight for her to enjoy.

One of the Peregrines was on the barracks tower.

The familiar Jay on Buck Hill raised its crest and fluffed itself up.

Blondie saw someone feeding the geese and came over for her share.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull was near the shore, choosing his Christmas dinner.

The moored pedalos ...

... and the buoys at the Lido were thronged with gulls, mostly Black-Headed.

All the Grey Heron nests on the island were occupied.

A Cormorant drying its wings on a post flapped more and more frantically. Presumably this helps with drying, but they seem to like flapping for its own sake.

A pair of Feral Pigeons were nuzzling one another affectionately.

There is still some fruit on the rowan tree on Buck Hill, and several Blackbirds were making the most of it.

A Blue Tit ate a withered berry. Birds like rowan berries overripe and dried up, which must be extra sweet like raisins.

A slow-motion video by Neil of me feeding a Nuthatch and some Great Tits at the leaf yard, and of himself feeding a Coal Tit in the shrubbery next to the bridge.


  1. One of the grebes is much farther along into getting its breeding plumage than its partner, but clearly true love transcends appearance.

    Glad to see the rescued grebe is as perky and busy as can be.

    1. Those grebes have been mates for several years, and it's a lifelong bond. They don't care what the other one looks like.