Wednesday 29 November 2017

Three Wrens were chasing each other at the Italian Garden, so preoccupied that they forgot to be shy. One posed on a bramble ...

... another on the twig of a winged elm tree ...

... and the third on the balustrade.

Just down the path, the white-faced Blackbird came out to be given sultanas.

On a cold morning the tits in the leaf yard were very hungry. Most of them here are Great Tits, with a few Blue Tits. They all like pine nuts.

So do the Coal Tits near the bridge.

But the Long-Tailed Tits stay away and hunt for insects.

No one was feeding the Rose-Ringed Parakeets in the usual place at the leaf yard, so they arrived in a mob when they saw us.

Another ate yellow berries in a tree next to the bridge.

A Magpie stared from the railings of the Diana fountain.

The second pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull, prowling in his usual place near the Triangle Car Park, also gave us a suspicious look.

The male Little Owl near the Albert Memorial was at the top of the oak tree.

Two Cormorants were fishing together at the bridge. The supply of fish is beginning to give out, but hunting cooperatively increases the catch for both.

Another preened on a post.


  1. The flock of Rose-Ringed Parakeets looks like they could accompany the glorious seagulls in Finding Nemo: "Mine mine mine mine".

    Poor small birds. They must be having quite a hard time now. The Wrens do not appear to mind, though.

    1. It really is a bit much when all the parakeets try to land on you at the same time. I don't feed them. They get plenty, and I don't want to encourage them.