Sunday 26 November 2017

Blondie's mate, filmed yesterday chasing another Egyptian Goose away. got into a serious battle today. The females looked on as the males fought. Afterwards Blondie and her mate enjoyed a moment of triumph.

Later, Blondie went by on her own. If she looks a bit ruffled, it's only because she's headed downwind.

Greylag Geese and a Lesser Black-Backed Gull were bathing in the Diana fountain. It's good to know that this very expensive structure is appreciated.

A Black-Headed Gull was getting its summer black head very early.

Moorhens can always dislodge these small gulls from their perches. The gulls know this, and leave promptly to avoid being pecked.

The two Little Grebes could be seen on the far side of the Long Water. If only they'd come nearer and allow a reasonable photograph.

An adult Great Crested Grebe and a teenager were fishing together under the willow tree near the bridge. Here for a change is the adult.

The female Little Owl near the Albert Memorial sunned herself in her hole in the oak tree.

The one near the Henry Moore sculpture was sitting low down in the hole.

Rose-Ringed Parakeets huddle in holes in cold weather. They are Indian birds and find the northern climate uncomfortable.

However, several successive winters without prolonged freezing conditions have been good for very small birds such as Goldcrests, and they are everywhere in the park.

So are Long-Tailed Tits -- you keep running into flocks of them.

The familiar Robin near the Rose Garden fountain came out to be fed.

On my way round the Serpentine I was pleased to be given a blessing.


  1. I wish I would've had time to go by Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens, I have loved Goldcrests since I was little, would have been wonderful to see them! I only had time to go through St James's Park, so at least I got to see the black swans.

    1. Well, I hope there's another time. You can always ask me to take you on a tour.

  2. That's... a puzzling scene if there ever was one. A Teletubby, a priest of nondescript affiliation, some french fries, and Scooby Do?

    The Egyptian fight looks quite serious. I imagine a wingstroke from any of them will be no laughing matter.

    1. I would have been happy to have been blessed by any of the three on the right, but Teletubbies are deeply sinister.

      Neither of the Egyptians was hurt in the fight.