Thursday 30 November 2017

In the morning sunshine the male Little Owl near the leaf yard came out of his hole for five seconds, and I was lucky to get a picture.

Soon it started snowing. Some Mute Swans flew up the Serpentine.

In the middle of the Long Water a Cormorant caught a large fish.

As it was swallowing it, other Cormorants charged at it and tried to steal the fish.

A Moorhen walked through a group of bathing Starlings. If another bird's in the way, it has to move.

A young Herring Gull amused itself by throwing leaves about.

A female Pied Wagtail hunted near the Triangle car park.

A Wren came down to the edge of the pool at the top of the Dell Waterfall.

Flocks of Long-Tailed Tits flew round and round the lake -- or maybe it was the same flock seen again and again. I have no idea how many of these very noticeable birds there are in the park.

At the edge of the Long Water a Jay came out on a branch to demand a peanut.

The usual Robin came out too, but the Jay had to be fed first to get it out of the way, while the Robin stared impatiently.

Later the weather lightened up. Looking for the Little Owl in the oak near the Albert Memorial, I found a Green Woodpecker.

And during a moment of sunshine, Tom got a picture of a Nuthatch in the leaf yard.

Rose-Ringed Parakeets are messy eaters, and waste almost as much as they consume.


  1. I just **love** that Robin. He is everything that is bright and beautiful.

    Does the Moorhen do that on purpose, I wonder. If someone were to hold that birds are capable of malicious intent, this video may be used as evidence.

    Lovely picture of the Swans flying in the snow. They do not seem to be affected by the drifting snowflakes.

    1. I think Moorhens really do like pushing other birds out of the way. They walk along the chains between the lines of posts in the lake, displacing one Black-Headed Gull after another, and I am sure this must bring them some kind of satisfaction. (Incidentally, the posts and chains at the bridge were installed to stop boats from going on to the Long Water. Formerly they were allowed on to the Long Water as far as Peter Pan, so there is an older line of posts here as well.)

  2. Hmm I wonder how many species go down to that waterfall area to preen and drink. Would be a smashing place for a camera trap!

    1. Yes. You'd need two cameras, one either side of the pool, looking towards the waterfall. And the cooperation of the park management, unfortunately.