Monday 13 November 2017

All five Black Swans have moved up to the Round Pond. Together they make a tough gang and can dominate the Mute Swans.

The injured Egyptian Goose in the Diana enclosure is recovering fast, and can now put some weight on his leg.

The marble fountain on the edge of the Italian Garden is surrounded by a semicircular wall which originally enclosed a water filter for the fountains. It is full of fish, and of course the Cormorants know about that.

A Grey Heron prowled slowly and stealthily on Buck Hill, despite a minor encounter with a Carrion Crow.

Another extended a wing to keep its balance in a willow tree beside the Serpentine.

An adult Herring Gull chased a young one which had a bit of food.

A second-winter Herring Gull, just beginning to grow some adult pale grey feathers, was drinking in the rapids of the Diana fountain.

A Grey Wagtail preened on a rock at the bottom of the waterfall in the Dell. This picture was taken from the top of the waterfall.

A flock of Long-Tailed Tits went through the shrubbery near the bridge.

Three Little Owls were on show: near the leaf yard, the male in his horse chesnut tree ...

... and the female in her sweet chestnut ...

... at near the Henry Moore sculpture, the female in the tall lime.

A visitor from the 18th century seen near Kensington Palace.


  1. somewhat anachronistic footwear.

    1. Yes. Suppose the costume people can't run to 18th century style shoes in different sizes. They would be horribly uncomfortable anyway -- it was before left and right shoes were invented.

  2. Glad to see the goose is doing better.It upsets me how many birds get injured by wire, fishing line etc, including how many feral pigeons have to hobble. Very enjoyable shot of the Grey Wagtail showing its wonderful yellow feathers.

    1. Surprised that Grey Wagtail shot came out at all. It was 100 feet away in a dark place.

  3. Great picture of the Grey Wagtail! It's nature calendar-worthy, actually.
    I'm starting to get my hopes up with the newly arrived Black Swans. I hope, hope, hope they'll stay with our Black Swan and we may even see Black Cygnets.