Tuesday 7 July 2015

There was a pair of Mute Swans with one cygnet, a few days old, on the little island on the Long Water. Where have they come from? Perhaps it is the family from the reed bed in the Serpentine, which I didn't see there today, or perhaps they have been nesting in an unseen place beside the Long Water.

Another swan on the Round Pond was enjoying the flow of water from the pipe used to top up the pond from a borehole.

A brisk breeze was making waves break over the edge of the pond, and a Pied Wagtail was nimbly dodging the spray.

There are two new Mallard ducklings on the Long Water. There were no Herring Gulls or Lesser Black-Backs at the time -- they were all on the Serpentine -- so maybe the little creatures have a small chance of survival.

 Some of the Greylag Geese on the Serpentine have fully regrown their wing feathers after moulting, and were flying around the lake with obvious enjoyment at being airworthy again.

One of the young Reed Warblers near the bridge came up into the oak tree overhanging the reed bed.

In another oak on the opposite side of the Long Water, a young Robin was calling for food, while a Wren climbed around in the background looking for bugs.

The male Little Owl was back in his nest tree. No day is complete without a reproving glance from this splendid bird, whose picture was the first one to appear in my blog when I started it in April 2012.

Here are two female Small Red-Eyed Damselflies, which are green with hardly a trace of red in their eyes. The front one is laying eggs on the stems of yet another water plant which has appeared in the Italian Gardens -- I don't know what it is.


  1. I'm sure it is wonderful to see such an old friend everyday, and looking so fine. Such a lovely creature.

    1. While I am very fond of him, I don't think the feeling is mutual. But at least he tolerates me pointing a camera at him.

  2. I wonder if the male of the swan couple on the little island could be the original Long Water Swan with a new mate?

    1. I wondered about that too. The original male was recognisable by a slight injury to the left side of his face, but this has probably healed by now. However, that still leaves the question of where they nested.