Sunday 12 July 2015

Charlie and Melissa the Carrion Crows have two young, which might explain why Charlie was being so aggressive on Friday. Here one of them is pestering Melissa for food.

A young Wren on the west side of the Long Water was being equally demanding.

The reed bed near the bridge was full of the cries of young Reed Warblers wanting to be fed. One of them came out at the front of the reeds and stared at me .

There is another brood of Mallard ducklings, this time in a reed raft at the east end of the Serpentine. But at least these feed themselves, and are fairly quiet.

The two Mallard ducklings at Peter Pan and the five on the Round Pond have all survived another day.

A Dunnock was rushing around looking for insects in the newly strimmed grass on the west side of the Long Water.

A Nuthatch was strolling along the underside of a branch of an oak tree near the leaf yard, hanging on with its long curved claws.

Later, the male Little Owl flew from his nest tree into the adjacent maple tree, where he attracted a small crowd, which he surveyed with disdain but couldn't be bothered to move again.

The Moorhens that nested in the floating basket nest in the Sunken Garden lost their chicks, and were making another nest, this time on top of the basket, which is covered with willowherb and is a more hidden place than the rather open inside. The basket was spinning around in the breeze, but they seem to be used to that.

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