Thursday 23 July 2015

The Moorhen chicks from one of the new nests in the Italian Garden came into sight.

The other brood remained hidden in their clump of water plants.

A young Green Woodpecker was walking around on the grass near Queen's Gate, calling to its parent in a nearby tree. Juveniles have mottled plumage, if that is the word for this rather hard-edged pattern. Adults have smooth patches of colour.

A Wren came down to drink in the little pool at the top of the Dell waterfall.

There is a large colony of Wrens in this area, extending over the path into the reed bed at the end of the Serpentine.

A sunny spell brought one of the young Reed Warblers out to the front of the reed bed near the bridge.

They only seem to come out when the sun is shining. Perhaps the warmth makes the insects more active, and therefore more visible.

The two little rowan trees between the leaf yard and the Vista are still attracting Blackbirds.

One of the Little owlets could be seen in the maple tree.

And their father was on his favourite branch in last year's nest tree.

I heard one of the Hobbies calling, but couldn't see anything through the trees.

The male Cetti's Warbler, who is still singing occasionally, was heard yesterday in a patch of thistles near the Speke obelisk. Even when the pair were nesting, he ranged over a wide area and was heard as far away as the Italian Garden. We have no idea whether their nest succeeded. There has been no sign of young Cetti's anywhere.

Whatever was this honeybee doing on a patch of algae in the Round Pond? It stayed there for a couple of minutes, apparently sucking something up through its proboscis. Was it just having a drink?

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