Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Coots' nest on top of the weir at the Serpentine outflow is beginning to hatch out, and there is one chick. Sadly, the chicks always get washed over the weir and never manage to climb back in spite of the plank kindly provided for them. But the Coots obstinately continue to nest in this silly place year after year.

These are the first two young Greylags to hatch on the lake this year, now grown into fine teenagers and probably already able to fly.

The water intake on the Round Pond continues to attract Mute Swans, who seem to enjoy drinking from this unofficial fountain.

Out on the pond, this Lesser Black-Backed Gull and some Herring Gulls were swooping on to the water and coming up with mysterious objects, which they ate. I guessed that they might be dragonfly larvae, but the photograph shows something bigger. I have no idea what it is.

The Grey Heron under the marble fountain of the Italian Garden was hauling out little perch at a brisk rate. This one came up with some weed, which the heron carefully detached before swallowing the fish.

A Reed Warbler in the reeds near the bridge had caught a small insect.

One of the adult Hobbies flew past and perched in a plane tree for a few seconds. I didn't see any of the others.

One of the Little owlets could be seen in the maple tree near the leaf yard. It had a good scratch ...

... then lay down on the branch and went to sleep.

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