Friday 17 July 2015

The young Little Owls were bouncing around in the maple tree near the leaf yard. Here one of them pauses to gravely contemplate the small crowd of admirers.

Here is a splendid video of the owlets preening each other, taken yesterday by David Element.

One of the Hobbies was flying round the plane trees near the Speke obelisk, hunting dragonflies. It perched for a moment on a tree slightly too far away for a good picture.

Some Jays were making a racket in the Tawny Owls' tree, but it was impossible to see an owl from the ground. This one, however, was about to be harassed itself, by a female Blackbird. The moment after I took this picture she launched herself at the Jay and chased it into another tree, where she kept scolding it. Evidently she had a nest nearby, though it is late in the season for a Blackbird nest and most of the young ones are almost grown up.

The young Reed Warblers are also growing up fast, and it's now hard to distinguish them from the adults.

Just under this bird, a Comma butterfly was sunning itself on a post.

A Ring-Necked Parakeet was eating an unripe crabapple in a tree near the bridge. It must have been remarkably sour.

A male Mute Swan was cruisng menacingly around under the bridge trying to stop the other swans from going through the arches.

Two of the three youngest Canada goslings on the Long Water are beginning to get their adult faces, but the third has some way to go.

On the Round Pond, the Mallard has managed to keep four of her ducklings alive by keeping them under the shelter of the solar panel on the platform.


  1. David's little film is indeed splendid, but so are your photos of all the recent youngsters (and the adults!)
    At one point in the video you can hear other cameras clicking..

    1. Probably mine. Should have waited till he finished.

  2. There's nothing quite so majestic or frightening as a male swan in full-on 'attack mode'!