Monday 4 May 2015

There is a new Great Crested Grebes' nest on the Long Water, on the east side between Peter Pan and the Italian Garden. It can only be seen from across the lake. The occupant seems a bit bored, but the pair will settle down to the routine.

The Coots nesting under the spray head of the fountain in the southeast pool of the Italian Garden are trying to rebuild their nest, which collapsed a day after the broken fountains were mended and turned on again. The eggs were lost, or at any rate they are no longer visible. The Coots nesting in the northeast pool, on top of the fountain head, are clinging on despite the constant drenching. Here the male of this pair leaps out of one of the wire mesh enclosures with some leaves for the nest, bits of which are constantly being washed away.

The young Great Black-Backed Gull paid another visit to the Long Water. Here it is on the posts near Peter Pan, dwarfing two Herring Gulls of the same age.

On the east side of the lake, a Wren was singing loudly. There are several families of Wrens here, not far from the Italian Garden.

A Pied Wagtail was hunting near the small boathouses, and had found a worm in the debris washed up on the shore.

This Long-Tailed Tit in the Flower Walk was gathering a bundle of insects for its nestlings.

The nest is in a holly tree on the south side, I think, as there was a pair of Magpies waiting ominously on it.

Farther along the path, a Blackbird was prospecting among the fallen magnolia flowers.

The male Little Owl looked out of his nest tree.

The male Tawny Owl was also visible in his usual place, but he had his head behind some leaves and I could only get a poor picture, not worth publishing.


  1. Saw my first ever Great Crested Grebelet, today, Ralph. It was on board the parental back, on the Thames, in Henley. I was totally besotted! That was my bird-watching aim for 2015 fulfilled!

    1. Hurrah! Of course your grebes have more a normal breeding season than the ones here.

    2. Thanks Ralph. If 2015 is doubly blessed, I'll see a Little Grebe this year too. Bit hopeful that Virginia Water might be a promising location...