Saturday 30 May 2015

A Reed Warblers' nest in the reeds at the Diana fountain has hatched out, and the family were flying around in the reeds.

There was a second singing male in the same reed bed, and another in the one on the other side of the bridge, so we may see more than one family this year.

Also on the other side of the bridge, there is a Goldcrests' nest in a yew tree, and a parent was constantly bringing insects for the nestlings. It caught remarkable quantities in a short time.

In the chestnut tree that the Little Owls nested in last year, a female Blackcap was loudly scolding a couple of Jays that had gone near her nest. She rushed around the tree while doing this, presumably in order to mislead them about where the nest was.

The male Little Owl was in the adjacent tree. He was in exactly the same place every time I went past, with his back to the light, so this dark picture is the only one you will get.

The Coots nesting under the solar panel on the Round Pond have only one chick, but it is thriving in its sheltered place.

The Moorhen nesting on the post near the bridge has finally found a nest decoration that she likes, after throwing out countless leaves and twigs offered by her mate.

The little floating raft in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, built for the resident Moorhens, has an occupant after a slow start this year. It seems that the protective basket on top was woven from live shoots of rose bay willowherb, which has sprouted into a pretty pergola for the royal tenants.

A Nuthatch from one of the nests in the leaf yard came out in the open and perched on a tree waiting for me to feed it. It came down boldly several times for food.

One of the Peregrines at the Marylebone Flyover was flying over.

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