Friday 8 May 2015

The Canada Geese that have taken over the island from the unfortunate Mute Swans now have eggs. Here is the female turning them to keep them evenly warmed.

I hope the park staff will leave them alone.

The Great Crested Grebes' nest on the Long Water that I photographed on 4 May has failed. It was abandoned and taken over by Coots, which also left it. However, the grebes are trying again under a willow tree opposite Peter Pan.

The Coots that tried and failed to make a nest under one of the fountains in the Italian Gardens have also started again in one of the clumps of irises in the pools, a more sensible place.

However, the other Coots' nest on top of the fountain is still going. I still don't think they will be able to keep the eggs warm enough under the incessant drenching.

Two first-year Grey Herons were on the Long Water. One of them perched in a heraldic pose on the east side of the Vista.

But, as herons will, they couldn't stop quarrelling, and chased each other all over the lake. One of them, venturing into the Italian Garden, got into another dispute with a Carrion Crow, which chased it back to the lake.

The water surface is swarming with small flies. At Peter Pan a female Gadwall was trying to catch them.

I don't know whether she managed to get any. Grebes, both Great Crested and Little, can do this, but they are hunters with fast reflexes.

There is definitely a pair of Reed Warblers in the reed bed near the Diana fountain. I saw them chasing each other along the far side of the reeds, while the other male stayed still, singing. This poor picture is the best I could get of the second male.

When you listen to a Reed Warbler you realise that it is a fine song with a lot of variety.

The male Little Owl was in his nest hole, looking down with annoyance at a squirrel running around a few feet below him.


  1. the coots IN the fountain are still okay as of 18 may. i was there and filmed the bird sitting in the centre of the sprays. :) - liz in chicago