Monday 7 July 2014

There are two young Grey Wagtails at the east end of the Serpentine, thought I couldn't get them both into the same picture. They were hunting insects and not begging from their parents, who were nowhere to be seen.

The lake is swarming with tiny midge-like insects, so the birds had an easy time feeding themselves. Here a couple of the creatures hover around a flowering rush in the Italian Gardens.

The Coots in the Italian Gardens have managed to crack the problem of building a nest under the fountain -- not that they need one, as they already have a perfectly good nest, but evidently they want a second home. They have demolished large amounts of waterlilies and stuffed them into the space under the fountain until they stuck solid. This then allowed them to extend the structure out to the side.

The young Coots are still small enough to be able to run over the surface of the algae on their big feet. They don't sink in if they keep going.

The two young Mandarins were poking around the Great Crested Grebe's nest across the lake from Peter Pan ...

... until a furious grebe surfaced and chased the intruder away.

The whole family of Reed Warblers were rushing around inside the reeds below the Diana fountain. One of the young ones came out and perched on the railings for a few seconds.

No one could find the Tawny owlets today, but the Little Owl was reliably in his usual place on the chestnut tree.

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